financial stress

as many of you know-- the shop wasn't always here.  two years ago we moved from a smaller, though very cute, space down the street (across from emily dickinson's house).  now we are here-- with big windows and a beautiful view of our town hall and town green across the street.

i am hearing a lot lately from people worried about their financial worlds.  we are all thinking about how long we can sustain our current lives-- our homes, our jobs, our car payments.  we are all making cuts-- finding new ways to economize.  people talk to me about being fearful-- uncertain about the future and their ability to make ends meet.

and people are thinking creatively about how to make their lives better with less.  i think a lot about my grandmother and her ability to 'make do'.  she learned how to make clothing and slipcovers-- the things that felt like luxuries in her world and were not affordable.  she held on to 'stuff'-- inherited things, items given but not necessarily wanted, anything she thought might be useful down the road.  i am not a saver of things-- i don't want a lot of extra stuff cluttering my basement-- but for a depression-era bride-- those things were worth saving.  i am learning to understand her mindset in a whole new way.



eileen e said...

Hi Mary, When I was a little girl my mom, grandmother and aunt were the same way. They taught me to save nylons, and then we would cut them up into chunks to make stuffing for handmade throw pillows. I still have one and it is in perfectly good shape, with a new pillow slip cover. When I feel the pillows at Target they crunch, like they are stuffed with plastic - - not at all appealing. So I have a sack of nylons and tights in the "saved" department, even though I rarely wear them, just waiting for that rainy day when I am in the mood to get busy with my scissors and sewing machine.

shopgirl said...

that's so great! thanks for sharing with me.

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