daily chores

i do not even recognize my house.  there are dishes everywhere-- covering the counters, the stove top, the bedside tables, the coffee table-- and there have never been so few cups, glasses, and bowls in my cupboards as there are this morning.  there is a big pot of vegetable soup on the stove-- last night's valiant effort by my eldest daughter to feed her sister and me.  there is dog fur everywhere-- a thick layer on the floor, but by this point is has started wafting up onto tables and chairs.  there is clean and dirty laundry in piles on all the chairs.  the cats are happy to have constant bedfellows, but the dog is wondering if he is ever going to get a proper walk again....

my youngest daughter and i have been sick in bed with a flu for three days.  it is amazing how fast the neglect of our daily tasks makes total chaos out of an otherwise very neat little house.



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