website changes

it is friday and boy do i feel it!  by this point in the week i am a bit ragged, my house is a bit of a mess, my clean clothing has started to run out...  you know-- all the usual friday stuff.  you?

but my children are happy so all is well.

in the meantime-- we have been working on some projects behind the scenes over here-- new websites for the shop and blog, separating the design business, and designing new logos (thanks maya!)-- all kinds of things that will 'solidify our brand and make our online presence more clearly recognizable'.  that's jargon for making it look better!

over the next few days, as we begin to change things over-- it is going to be something of a mess.  some things clear, other things missing, some other things altogether not making any sense.  bear with us--


and that cabinet-- available for sale in the shop.  so pretty!


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