my grandmother had a closet-- it was upstairs in the hall outside all the bedrooms-- that was enormous.  or at least-- it seemed that way.  it was lined with shelves-- a large linen closet-- but she used it like a teacher's closet.  she had been a teacher, after all, for more than thirty years of her life.  she had art supplies, craft supplies, games, wrapping paper, all the bits and pieces that she saved (depression-era bride that she was) in case they might useful someday-- and linens.   to me it was magical.  it was packed full and piled high-- and no one else could ever go in that closet and find anything they could ever want.  but my grandmother went straight for the thing she was looking for-- the crayons, the gift she had not wanted but had saved so that she could give it to someone else when the time came, the game she thought we could play.  she was a tiny little woman, and she would climb up on a stool to reach the upper shelves.  i remember her teetering up there-- reaching for the thing she wanted-- chatting away the whole time (sometimes to me, but more often to herself about what she was looking for).

this is the kind of storage that works-- storage that can be kept track of, storage that holds the things you don't use every day but that you want to/need to keep.  so many of us today have storage that doesn't work-- storage that we can't quite keep track of, can't remember what we put in there to begin with, even.  we tend to use storage as a place to put those things we just don't know what else to do with-- and we tend not to feel that we have time to deal with a large number of our things.  so we end up with storage that overwhelms us, when we think about it, and pulls at our spirits in a strongly negative way.  it becomes clutter-- which, as you know, i define as any of the STUFF that bothers you in your home.

time for some fall clearing away...

and come to our workshop on saturday morning!  it will help.



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