'slavery footprint'

yesterday a new 'app' was released for your smart phone-- this one will allow you to take a photo of any item you are about to buy (logo included, please) and it will let you know what the 'slavery footprint' is for that item-- or, what percentage of that item is made by forced labor.  this app was created in partnership with the U.S. state department and the group 'made in a free world'.

in our world there has always been slavery-- cotton, for example, has long been grown by people who are forced to work for no/ or very little pay.  when we buy our favorite brand of tee-shirt, we are probably buying cotton that was grown through slave labor.  in our current world we don't think about these questions-- we think that slavery was abolished a long time ago.   in fact, we all have a 'slavery footprint' just like we have a 'carbon footprint'-- a way that we can quantify how much of what we have is made or grown by people who are not free.  a new website will help you to figure out your slavery footprint:    http://madeinafreeworld.org/ .  the goal of knowing your slavery footprint it not to make you feel bad-- we are all part of this system, after all-- but to raise your awareness.

the great thing is that we can do something about slavery in our modern world.  we, the consumers of the world, really have the power to change this.  we can become more aware of where our consumer goods are really coming from-- and then we can contact our favorite stores, brands, and product manufacturers and let them know that we want their products to be 'slavery free'.  we can choose not to buy things that have high 'slavery footprints'.  and we can let our friends and family know-- i don't want slaves working for me, do you?


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