shop design

i really like my shop. it feels, often, like home-- or like A home. but there are some key differences:

in the average home there are many fewer things than in the average shop. shops are designed to show us many, many items that customers might want to buy. at the same time the average home does not have new things coming in every week-- the average shop does.  hundreds of new items come in every month, for example.  in my shop this can be even more dramatic because we do not carry the exact same items all the time-- much of our stock is handmade and therefore 'one of a kind' AND we sell a lot of vintage items-- so things change quite a bit as the product comes and goes.  

so when people walk in my shop and say, 'you have re-arranged again!'-- well, yeah. i have to fill the spaces as things sell, and make space for the new items. and as i dust and clean, things get moved around slightly-- always shifting. there is this constant new mix going on. sometimes the new things that come in don't quite find their place right away. sometimes i can re-arrange things dramatically and things don't really fall into place. i think of it as being like those travel puzzles that you shift pieces around the board until you can move the piece you really wanted to move in the first place.

at some point, often two or three weeks after a major change, everything falls into place. and then there is this glorious few days that i just LOVE the place. i love how it looks, how it feels, how things fit in together. it generally only lasts a few days because then something else sells, or something new arrives, and things have to change again. but for those few days....


it is like that right now-- stop in and see!


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