school related stress

school started this week.

i find that the trade-off for the hours that my children are in school and i am free to get done whatever i need to, is an inordinate amount of stress in the pre-and post- school hours.  this is not the fault of my particular children, but just the nature of the beast.

to get us all out of the door in the morning, clean, dressed, fed, with lunches packed, homework (mine AND theirs) finished, printed and packed, the dog walked and fed, the cats fed, the house sorted and straightened so we are not coming home to a wreck-- it takes a lot.  and then, on the other end-- ballet, piano lessons, doctor and dentist appointments that i somehow didn't get done in the summer,  dinner, vacuuming (in my house, anyway), dishes, and HOMEWORK.  many, many hours of homework for which i am on call, or perhaps coaching, much of the way through.

to alleviate all this stress i do all the usual things--  it helps me to get a good night's sleep (which is sometimes impossible, like last night when my dog woke me four times to go out, though he only 'went' once), eat well, exercise regularly--  AND to be well organized.  i have folders and binders and notebooks-- all labeled and coordinated-- and bulletin boards at home and at work.  our calendars are multi-colored-- a color for each child and her activities, another color for bills and their due dates, another color for client meetings and projects.

obsessive?  yes.  calming to my soul?  absolutely.


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