on sharing

i have written, from time to time, about the economy and the hardship it is causing.  what i haven't said is that part of what makes me write about the financial world we are in, the financial world that I am in-- is that it makes it so much easier to be honest, so much nicer to feel connected as other people hear me and then, in return, talk about their difficulties in this economy.  this morning a friend on facebook posted a link to an article by writer amy gutman-- a piece in 'salon' about why she has gone public with her unemployment--

In my admittedly unscientific study, I've found that the pain of the Great Recession (as so much else) abates some when it's shared. In this era of lost homes, lost jobs and lost hopes, forging human connections can be transformative. By contrast, when we conceal the reality of our lives -- try to "pass" as happier, more secure, or more successful than we are -- we feed into a culture of private suffering and isolation, a lonely and disheartening place where failure equates with shame. This is what Buddhists call the "the second arrow," the pain of self-judgment compounding the pain of actual experience.

we need, more than we are, to be talking to each other.  to be telling each other the truths of how we are struggling in this time-- and to be sharing the burden with each other for the ways in which our economy is affecting us.

and then, we need to take to the streets...


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