life transition

a woman came in the shop yesterday, pushing a stroller in which was a very sleepy little child.  she wandered a bit and then said, 'i am not going to buy anything today...  to say that my life is in transition would be a MAJOR understatement.'   she has recently moved back to western massachusetts from the west coast and hasn't yet settled on where to live here.  i asked if the move was prompted by work, or a need for change... to which she answered, 'divorce.'

'congratulations,' i said.  at which point some people might have been offended, but fortunately she wasn't.

i have taken to answering this way when people tell me they are getting divorced-- because really what else is there to say?  divorce may have been a mutual decision, may be brought on by awful trauma, may have been a peaceful process-- no matter what we all understand that it is a major deal and causes major pain.  YET-- whatever the cause for the split-- once on the other side--  there is incredible possibility for renewal and re-birth in one's life that can be intensely positive.



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