sometimes i am struck by who i am. is this who i thought i was going to be?  does my life look like i thought it would look?

looking back on my life there is a pretty direct path that lead me to where i am now:  i re-arranged my room constantly when i was growing up; i went to college and graduate school where i studied race, power, and how people live;  i renovated houses of my own, and then later i renovated houses for other people; i started a shop to sell the beautiful things i found along my way.  but at any one of those moments i could not have possibly forseen what was coming.  i spent a lot of years, in fact, in angst over my place in this world.  

a friend i had been out of touch with for a decade or more--someone with whom i had simply lost touch--called the other day after finding the shop during an internet search for duvet covers.  he said-- of course this is what you would be doing!  so perhaps it was more obvious to other people than it was to me.

there is a big difference, at times, in how we see ourselves and how we are viewed by others.

this picture very much captures how i see myself-- crazy hair, big earrings, and on my way to doing something else-- in motion and yet very solidly in my place.

who knew?


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