fall changes

it is feeling like we are in the last days of summer.  the mornings are chilly, the students are flooding back into town, and we are all talking about our planning fall activities.

personally, i'm ready.  i love summer-- the beautiful weather, the visitors from out of town, the long dinners on the patio at tabellas-- but, as i have said before, i like change.  it is time for a change of scenery-- a change to fall clothes, a change to a more challenging routine, a change that includes getting a whole lot of stuff done because the air is more brisk and demanding of us.

i am ready...



Linda Ruel Flynn said...

I feel exactly the same way. Change is welcome. However, I will be wearing my sandals until the last possible frosty moment. Cheers! The shop looks wonderful, by the way.

shopgirl said...


and yes-- i agree about those sandals!


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