embodying home

i am deeply aware of all the ways that i try to fit in with other people's ideas about who i am, how i should live, what my life should look like.  it is not always easy for me to take up space in the world.  it is in my own home that i am best able to combat all this by living in a space that truly reflects me back to me from every angle.

this fall we are offering a new workshop, 'embodying home'--

going into the holiday season, it is a good time to think about the way we take up space in our lives and in our homes.  we will talk about the ways in which we often push ourselves aside in our own homes in order to make others more comfortable.  our extended families can push our buttons-- before they arrive, we will talk about how to find ways of taking up space by finding the fullness of ourselves at home.  we will also talk about the process of making our space homey-- and how to do it in a way that fully reflects who we are and what we are most comfortable with.  over the course of four weeks we will explore options and ideas for more fully realizing ourselves through our spaces-- 

i like the idea of having time to explore ways in which we box ourselves in at home (and in the world), and ways to much more fully explore who we are through the decorating and design of our spaces.

our fall workshop schedule is now available on our design page.  there are many old favorites, plus a few new ones (including those designed for the professionals out there-- stay tuned!).  the first workshop, 'color' starts in a couple of weeks!

hope you come--


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