dealing with clutter

this morning i took apart the stack of books that has been next to my bed for months.  over that time some things have been added, some taken out and read-- but essentially that stack has been a monument, rather than a living, active pile of books that i would like to read.

so many parts of our homes are like this-- things get put in places (closets, for example) and then forgotten-- gathering dust and taking up space-- or they keep piling up and taunting us with their lack of movement.

this saturday is our 'de-clutter' workshop at the shop....

we all have our areas of our lives that we leave largely unexamined. issues we don't want to deal with, rooms we don't walk into, drawers we never organize.  but this lack of examination can leave us feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and disorganized, and can leave our homes hard to manage, chaotic, and difficult to fully enjoy.

this workshop is designed to help you unpack the suitcase that keeps you stuck.  what stories are getting in your way? what baggage are you holding onto that causes you to not let go of the clutter as well?  though this is not a therapy group, we will talk about the connection between our emotional lives and our things-- and we will learn techniques for separating the two so that our homes can be clear, safe spaces for us to live in.

we will also learn techniques for keeping track of things in our homes.  step-by-step organizing for the kitchen, dining room, home office, bedroom, bathroom, and utility spaces.  we will talk about what organizing products can be useful, and which to avoid. and we will have fun making your home a more comfortable place to be!

saturday, october 1,  9am-1pm at the shop.  $120 and lunch is included!

i hope you'll come...


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