dance parties

'the claw foot tub' has an alter ego-- sometimes it turns into a hopping dance spot for all our friends who work in our little downtown.

every now and then we have to blow it out a little bit-- we play some music, we dance, we make some fun happen.  last night was a good example.  at the end of the day we moved all the dishes and flowers and lamps and tables and chests and stuff aside, got some take-out sushi, and danced to till the morning.  the part i love the best are the waves of people arriving as they get out of work-- the restaurant crew arrive at eleven-thirty, the coffee shop crew at one, then the bar crew sometime between two and three am.  as each wave arrives, they get a drink, and then join the party to much applause.  last night we even had a dj!  it feels good to have a place.

and now, the morning after, i can give the shop a good cleaning and re-arranging as i put everything back together!


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