color workshop

this thursday, september 15th, from 7-9 we are offering a workshop on color.  

we will be talking about a number of different established design-world color theories, including ideas about how color affects us, which colors work together and which don't,  and how color can be used in our homes to create the affects we want.  we will talk about and look at pictures of the work of famous colorists like donald kaufman, susan sargent, and even martha stewart so that we can come to understand their differing color theories.    

THEN-- once we have learned about the theory-- we are going to throw all of that out the window and talk specifically about our own relationships with color.  some of us LOVE color, some of us are afraid of it.  some of us need monochrome homes to give us peace, some of us need vibrant color or our homes feel neglected and impoverished.  we are going to have some time to play with watercolors, pastels, and crayons on paper to get to express our color worlds, and time to play with color-related words on paper as well.

all materials are provided, and we will be serving tea and snacks.

$60/ participant, payable by cash, check, or credit card.  call us to save your spot: 413.253.3500.

join us!


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