useful and beautiful

this chair is one of four brought to me to sell recently on consignment.  if i had any room i would take it home....

the great 19th century textile designer and artist, william morris, said "have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful".  and MAN does that sentence get to be URGENT when you have a tiny house!

my house is just about 1000 square feet.  i live in it with my two growing daughters (one of whom is taller than i am), our dog (who, after losing weight in the last year or so, is still as big as my younger daughter), our four cats (all of them with big personalities), and ALL OUR STUFF.  how to manage our stuff and maintain some level of peace in this place is a constant battle.

in our living room we are about to add a wood stove--  our living room is 11feet by 14feet-- with three doors and two windows, and one built-in bookcase.  not a lot of room to spare.  so this week i made the difficult decision:  i decided to remove a chair-- a small wicker chair meant for sitting at a table on a porch, or to be an extra chair in the corner of the living room.  you know how i feel about chairs-- they are the lifeblood of material home-- but there just wasn't going to be room for that chair AND a couch, AND a comfortable chair, AND the wood stove.   so off it went.

all for the sake of peace.


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