setting the stage

creativity is a funny thing-- i have been in an intensely creative period, yet i have not been writing this blog for a few days.  my creativity has been focused elsewhere.

this week something that has been in the works for many months came (in part) to fruition.  one of my vendors, charles--who i have been working with since i first opened the shop--had decided some time ago that he wanted to sell his business.  charles imports furniture and decorative items from india.  we talked at one point about my taking over his business-- he would set me up with his contacts in india and i would travel there every year and buy things-- but my life as a single parent and shopkeeper does not really allow for month long buying trips to india at this point.

so, instead? charles has been bringing me everything he has left in his warehouse.  on wednesday, charles, christina, kate, matt, corey, my daughters, and i spent several hours unloading charles' huge truck into the shop, then unpacking everything, cleaning, and putting things into the basement.   then yesterday i spent the day arranging the big furniture, starting to display the small things, and re-configuring everything so that it would work.  customers spent the day commenting on how much things change around here, or how different the shop is now than it was at some earlier point.  and yes-- since charles warehouse is many times the size of my shop, it does look very different with all of his things than it did before.  and yet they are the same things we have been selling all along, just in a much larger dose.

i feel like a huge part of what i do in the shop, in people's houses, in my own house-- is about setting the stage for all kinds of other things to happen.  i make the space feel the way we want it to feel, and then people come in an bring it all to life.

and this weekend?  the stage is set for a TRUNK SALE-- 20% off everything from india (except sheets!).  come in and see!


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