i am conscious that i am 'sensitive'.  like many artists, little things in my environment-- or in the tone of voice someone uses with me-- can affect me in a big way.  a story someone tells, a picture in a museum, the music playing on the radio-- all of these can leaving a lasting impression on me.

i am conscious, however, that i am sensitive in different ways with different people...

in my work i tend to be sensitive to objects and their placement.  a picture out of place, or a quilt that is folded in a way that is not aesthetically pleasing to me will bother me (in a small way) until i fix it.  people often comment on how my shop is 'curated'-- and yes, that is about my sensitivity.  in my work i am also sensitive to other people's needs-- a customer walks in with a less-than-ideal expression on her face and i am pretty quick to offer a cup of tea.  with clients i am sensitive to finding what works best for THEM-- and i just don't tend to get my feelings hurt if they don't like some part of my ideas for their living room.  i keep coming up with more ideas until we get it right.

but with my closest friends and my family i am sensitive in a totally different way-- i can get my feelings hurt pretty damned easily.  it is not that i am fragile-- i am a strong, bendable type and i have faith in the people around me.  but i notice all the little things about the people i most care about-- their tone of voice, a look that they give, a way in which they answer an e-mail-- and they affect me.  most of the time i am comfortable and secure in those relationships, and a little hurt feeling is manageable.  the problem is sorting out what i need to pay attention to and what i need to let roll off my back.

life is not always easy!

happy wednesday, people.


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