people in transition

i spend a lot of time visiting with people-- in the shop, in people's homes, on my own porch-- i can generally be found in conversation.  a lot of those conversations are about houses and home-- how people are living, who and what they are living with.   the ways that people are adjusting to major life change fascinates me-- people who are recently moved in together, people adjusting to life with a baby, people who are in the process of downsizing-- people who's lives have caused them to make a major change in their living space are often the focus of my thoughts.

this morning, for example, a customer was telling me about feeling claustrophobic-- she and her husband have just moved from their home of 43 years-- and they are now in a small condo.  there comes the time that it makes sense-- we get to an age when we don't want to take care of a house anymore-- but it is not an easy transition for anyone.  my customer was buying new tea towels-- a small gesture towards making home in a new place.

here's to home making....


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