people and planet centered design

my morning ramble....

i started out this career of mine in the design world-- helping people to design new kitchens, bathrooms, additions, and even whole new houses.  i called myself a 'residential designer' because that is one of the  terms used for designers who work on structures rather than just furnishings.  i am somewhere between a decorator and an architect.  i understand how buildings are put together, i can design walls and windows and doors.   and-- i can do space planning and re-design-- working with people on how to make their homes work best for them.  i would still call myself a 'residential designer'--  i am still quite obviously focused on people's homes.

but now i am thinking of adding the tag line-- people and planet centered design-- to my design logo.   i think in terms of how we live and how it impacts the planet most of the time.  this means that i do 'green' design--  i am always going to be thinking about the most sustainable (for the planet) way to do any project.  but, as my friend elizabeth said a year or so ago-- i really think of myself as a 'therapist of material culture'.  i help people with the stuff of their lives.  sometimes that means re-arranging their furnishings, sometimes it means organizing, sometimes it means helping couples to work out their material differences, sometimes it means designing a new kitchen that better suits a growing family-- all of it focused on people and their lives and lifestyles.



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