on seeing things

this week i have been struggling with an infection in both my eyes.  nothing serious, i am told, but painful and certainly problematic when my job relies so heavily on my sight.

when i was a kid there was this playground quiz about which senses would you give up if you had to-- which one do you think is most important.  i always had a hard time with this game.  i experience the world quite fully through all my senses--  i love the taste of food, for example, and the scents all around me all the time.  music and the sounds of voices are also really important.  and touch-- to know how things feel and whether they are cool and hard or soft and warm-- all of that seems incredibly difficult to imagine life without.

but as i have grown into adulthood i have become increasingly aware of who i am-- increasingly aware that i am an intensely visual person.  i am not a huge fan of communication by phone or e-mail with someone i am intimately involved with, for example, because i can't see the person and read their non-verbal communications.  i like to travel long distances by car largely because i like to see the changes in climate, in vegetation, and in architecture along the way.  one of my greatest joys is seeing how people live-- clients, friends, family members--  there is so much to learn about a person in their home.

and obviously my work depends on my sight. though i can easily make a mental picture of an imagined  room that can help me in designing a new space--  i can't quite picture myself feeling my way around a client's living room in order to tell them how to re-arrange it!



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