kitchen renovation: during

these are the photos you don't usually get to see-- what a kitchen renovation looks like in the middle of the project.  and yes-- we were living in the house at the time.

you can't imagine before you begin a construction project how much de-construction is going to have to happen before you can build back what you want.  there is a long period where, if you are living in the house during the construction, you are sharing space with your contractors-- your things are mixed in with theirs, your groceries are on the floor in the middle of a construction zone and you are cooking dinner on a stove that is in the middle of the room.

this is not easy.  the key to getting through is to take lots of deep breaths; clean-up every night after the contractors leave to re-claim your space-- even a construction zone will become more yours if you have swept up really well;  and keep your vision for your space clearly up front in your brain-- you are doing all of this for a reason.

and hopefully you wont have to live through more than a couple of these....


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