the joy of buying a tomato

we all know that i wake up early-- really early.  on a day that i sleep in, i do not see the sun rise.  on all the other days?  i do.  i love the promise of the early morning, the way the light moves through the mist and opens up the day.

this morning i had a bunch of errands to do before i opened the shop-- trips to the dump, the salvation army, the post office, the grocery store, the pharmacy-- a quick run around town with the dog, and then to the coffee shop for my morning coffee and the farmer's market for a tomato for my lunch.

my first stop, at 7 this morning, was to the shop-- loading the recycling and garbage into my car at that hour is a ritual i love-- usually it is just me and the homeless guys, with whom i am on a first name basis.  we talk about the night, whether it was cold and damp or hot and muggy-- and what the morning is looking like.   on saturday the farmer's market is right across the street from my shop and there is a lot of hustle and bustle at 7am-- the farmers are setting up their stands, people are already doing their shopping-- there are gorgeous tomatoes and loaves of bread, cheeses and flowers and honey and maple syrup.  ruby and i took a preliminary walk through on our way through town-- so many beautiful, yummy things.

my morning errands were filled with little chats with everyone along the way-- the morning visits of a little town.  and now i am eating my sandwich with slices of that big juicy tomato--

i love it.



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