fair trade/organic sheets

our sheets are the very best.  they do not have the highest thread counts, nor are they the most expensive-- but their quality is better than anything i have ever tried (and as a sheet snob, i have tried a lot).  so much so that i guarantee them-- the claw foot tub-- even though my vendor does not.

but, really-- they are so much more than sheets to me.

for me-- selling products that are at the highest level of quality is the rock on which i do business.   as a little local shop-- based in a small town in new england-- my customers are largely my neighbors.  selling things i feel solidly good about-- things that are made without harming the planet or the people who make them-- makes life easy for me.  i like hearing 'oh-- the claw foot tub-- i love that shop' when i tell people where i spend my days.  and i love all the waves as people walk by on their way to work, home, or just out to lunch with their friends.  i love being part of my community-- and knowing that my reputation is for something that matters.

we are in difficult political/economic times.  i am blessed to be doing work that i feel makes the world a better place-- even if it is just this little corner of the world.

my motto:  for the people, for the planet.


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