cleaning white linens

as stated before-- i like white.  white napkins, white towels, white sheets, white quilts-- i like 'em.

the problem with white for these workhorses of our linen world-- is that they get dingy.  after a while stains appear, white turns gray, and people don't love their white linens so much anymore.  the trick?  first:  DO NOT USE BLEACH.  bleach is toxic to our environment (we do not want it in our water system so don't put it in your laundry) and to us.  instead,  once a month or so wash all your whites in boric acid or borax-- boric acid is a naturally occurring salt which is about as toxic to humans as table salt (but don't eat it!).  it works as a natural stain remover, odor remover, and insecticide.  putting it in your wash a couple of times a month will also do a wonderful cleaning job on your washing machine.  just add a 1/4 cup to a large load of laundry-- and you'll be loving your whites again.

you can buy boric acid at your local grocery store, drug store, or hardware store.  AND  it is cheap-- about $4 for 12 oz.-- which will last you several months.

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