it takes a village...

these days i own my shop by myself, but i am incredibly aware of all the people who help me make this thing happen every day.  the way the shop looks right now, for example, feels very much like a group effort:

my mother provided me with the vacation last week that gave me time to think. molly and marcella kept things running while i was away. mary jane listened to me process my thoughts on where the shop is these days, and where i want it to go.  and then yesterday-- cecelia and isabel, my daughters, helped me move furniture around, clean, and arrange things (like these rugs).  colin arrived yesterday afternoon with four beautiful little chairs.  kate came for lunch and ended up making a run to pick up a set of wicker furniture for me.  julia contributed her gorgeous jewelry-- hand made in her studio and waiting for a buyer-- just when i was ready to buy jewelry.  adam brought beautiful silk scarves in gorgeous colors-- just because i called and asked him if he had any.  shannon and sylvia made a great 'afternoon-tea' conversation happen for our friday afternoon tea.  emily and adrian provided dinner last night.  and donna, josh, and brian provided a social outlet for me at the end of the day-- allowing me to be refreshed and ready to do it again.

thanks, guys.


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