i've just had a visit from one of my very best friends in the world,  who i haven't seen for four or five years.  it was an incredible few days-- talking, walking, visiting with other family and friends, processing our lives in a new way.  it was exhausting, regenerative, and wonderful.

i have noticed over the years that i do not want to clean while i have people at my house.  i will get the kitchen back in order after dinner, but otherwise, all the basic things i do most days (making my bed, vacuuming pet fur, straightening the house in general, THE LAUNDRY) all seem like they can wait until my company is on their way.  THEN i get down to business and get my house back in order.  i don't know if this is because i want to focus on my friends/family while they are visiting, or if it is that somehow i don't want to be seen cleaning.  hmmm.

funny, anyway.


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