i used to be much more into color in my design than i am now-- i used to love mixing strong doses of blues and yellows, greens, oranges, reds-- susan sargent was a major influence on me.  this photo, taken, obviously, in 2003 is a great example-- so much color!  now, frankly, i look at it and wonder: what i was thinking!

these days i am in my white phase-- my colors are washed out, subtle, or small punches of strong color in a field of whites and creams.  still the same colors, really-- but sun-faded and pale.

change happens-- at different points in our lives we want different things.  our styles change, our needs change, and we are attracted to different colors, different ideas, and different people.   as i get older i get more accepting of this process of constant change-- i expect myself to be different down the road in ways that i cannot even imagine now.

i like that.


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