being in the picture

i do a fair amount of my photography myself, but since this is not my forte, i do my best to get others to photograph my houses for me whenever i can.  the guy that took this photo took lots and lots of photos of this house-- many of them snapshots, like this one.  he had been setting up a shot going in the other direction, which i was casually watching, when he turned the camera on me.

i generally prefer not to the be in the picture, so to speak.  i generally prefer to help people with their houses, to buy products i think people will like, and to quietly do my paperwork in my corner-- in restaurant language: i prefer back of the house to front.

but what i have learned is that, living and working the way that i do,  i don't really have a choice-- i am part of the picture of my shop, part of the picture of people's processes with their houses, part of the whole experience people have of what i do.   in fact, my being in the picture makes what i do that much better-- my work is authentic, real, accessible, people-focussed-- and my being in the shot makes that more obvious.

so, really, there is very little separation from my life and my work, from my friends and my customers, from my caring about my shop to my caring about other people's houses.  i am present and connected in all of these arenas, and it makes my life fluid and whole in a way that really works for me.

it is not for everyone, but it is the way i have chosen to live my life.

and i like it.



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