sometimes we all feel overwhelmed by our stuff.

the majority of my clients are overwhelmed, in one way or another, by their stuff-- how to arrange what they have; how to accommodate things inherited or well loved but which don't necessarily still fit; how to make sense of their spaces AND their things.

i feel it-- both at home and at the shop-- though i don't have much stuff compared to the average american, in my tiny house my things are plentiful!  and at the shop?  we do such a mix of new things, old things that i find along the way, and consignment-- that we can easily end up with a mixture of stuff that overwhelms me completely.  i re-arrange and re-order, i put like colors together, i put like shapes together, i put things with like uses together-- but sometimes there is nothing that will help but getting rid of things.

i suggest to my clients that we make piles-- things to donate, things to go to friends/family, things to consign at my shop (or elsewhere).  we go through their things and cull out the items that need culling.  at home i do the same thing-- re-evaluating everything so that i keep less in the house.

at the shop?  we have a SALE! a nice easy way to clear out lots of stuff without having to go through it all and think a lot...

this weekend, june 24, 25, 26: 20% off everything!

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