re-design: before and after



a big part of my business is what is known in the business as 're-design'-- taking what the client already owns, re-arranging things, re-hanging what is on the walls, re- thinking the use of the space-- all to make it more beautiful and work better for the client WITHOUT going out and buying a lot of new stuff.

this particular house was really fun-- to begin with bettina and i did it together, part of our new working arrangement-- AND the client has an amazing number of beautiful things to 'play' with -- some bought, some inherited.

the sofas were in adjacent rooms-- but really both in the wrong rooms.  we switched the leather sofa into the tv/family room, and brought the upholstered sofa into the more formal living room.  once we did that-- and the gorgeous arrangement above the mantel, the rest fell into place beautifully.

so fun!


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