on being organized

at different points i have written different things about organizing-- how-to, organizing as a way of honoring our material goods, organizing as a way to recognize what we do each day...

but really?  it is a way to make sense of things, to give ourselves some mental space, to de-clutter our spaces, our lives, and our minds.  having a place for things allows us to keep track of things, but it also means we can put things away and stop thinking about them.  in my life i have an awful lot of things to keep track of every day-- but if i keep things in an order that makes sense to me (the 'to me' being the important part), my brain is still free to dream and imagine and just be, because i am not having to keep track of so many little things.  they are all just in their places, ready for me when i need them.

i am going on vacation in a couple of weeks-- a much needed break both physically and mentally-- and in the meantime i am tying up loose ends, putting things in their places-- both so that things will be tidy when i return from my trip, but most importantly so that i can go on vacation with a free mind-- a mind able to think and ponder my loved ones and my life.

i am looking forward to it.


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