new futon sofa

a friend stopped in the shop this afternoon--  she has recently 'upgraded' to a 'real' sofa-- an upholstered sofa with separate cushions that does not turn into a bed.  after years of owning futon sofas, she felt that it was time to be a real grown-up and to own a real sofa.  so she bought one.

what she found?  she really misses her futon.  she loved that it was organic, that it was relatively inexpensive to change the look by changing the cover, that she had a comfortable bed for friends when they wanted to stay over, AND that the futon supported her neck and back in a way that her new, grown-up sofa doesn't.

today we talked about how she bought the grown-up sofa because she thought that was the image that she should portray, in her living room-- that she is a fully mature adult with a real adult sofa.  and we talked about how much that image doesn't really suit her in any case-- she is definitely a grown-up, but she is also a free-spirit with a beautiful aesthetic that is not tied to anyone else's notion of what is beautiful--

she is gonna put that new sofa on craig's list and go buy a new futon.

and i am glad.

-mary moore.

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