my favorite cookbook

as far as i am concerned, heidi swanson is a miracle worker.  she writes beautifully about food, has cookbooks filled with amazing recipes, AND is a wonderful photographer-- so her books are absolutely gorgeous.

i recently purchased 'super natural every day'-- her newest cookbook-- and i have been cooking out of it for several weeks.  the recipes are easy to follow, easy to make, and yet the food ends up being sophisticated, elegant, fresh, and unusual.  the book is divided into sections on breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts-- and there are recipes for making your own condiments, quick breads (the banana bread recipe is divine), etc.-- the things that make a meal truly memorable.

i find that cooking for myself and my family-- REALLY cooking (as our mothers used to say, 'from scratch') makes me infinitely happy.  good food is so central to our home life-- to us feeling healthy, well fed (physically, obviously, but also in the spiritual, soul-ful senses of that phrase), and like we are doing well in the world.  both of my daughters had big home-work projects to do this afternoon, and it made me feel really good to cook while they worked away at our kitchen table.  a good way to spend sunday afternoon together.  

heidi swanson has a blog, 101 cookbooks, and a website both of which are filled with her beautiful photographs, wonderful recipes, AND her thoughts on the things that she does so well.

check her out!

-mary moore.

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