learning about sales

this weekend is our first real sale-- 20% off of everything, all weekend.  we have never really had a sale before for a number of reasons:  many of our fair trade vendors set our retail prices-- the best way to maintain fair trade is for there to be an agreement among everyone producing and selling the product to make a certain percentage of profit on that product along the chain-- no one of us is making LOTS of money;  so many of our products are marked up so little, that to hold a sale means we will be making little to nothing on each item;  AND it has been my belief that most retailers hold sales in order to bring in customers, but they do so by keeping their usual retail prices very high-- a practice that is a psychological trick on the customer that i just plain refuse to play.

so.  all that having been said-- i wanted to clear some space and thought a sale would help-- and MAN have i learned a thing or two this weekend!  it is really fun.  there is a whole festive feeling about a sale-- it is like being at a party where everyone is getting presents.  all weekend the atmosphere in the shop has been lively and fun.  AND-- as furniture, bedding, kitchen and table ware fly out the door--there is so much more room for the new things coming in the next few weeks-- so nice to have space!

last day is today-- 11-5.  come in and dance a little bit!


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