laundry rooms

someone the other day was asking me about this laundry room.  i built it in 2000, and only lived with it for about 2 years before selling that house.  my good friends brian and elizabeth now live with it, which makes me happy.

laundry is one of those essential daily chores that the space it is done in can make a world of difference.  this laundry room has amazing storage, a great counter for folding, a huge rolling bin for dirty clothing, skylights to make the room feel open and airy even though it is very small-- and that wonderful drying rack on a pulley.  and yes, i miss it.

but, in my current tiny house-- there is no real laundry room.  i do have a system-- my laundry machines are stacked behind the door in my pantry.  my basket for dirty clothing is in the bottom of my closet, and my basket for clean clothing lives under my bed.  often there is a pile of clean laundry on the bed, or on the couch in the living room-- all within twenty feet of the laundry machines in the pantry.  everything in this house has to fit in, like a tiny puzzle, and it does.

i can't say that i have the same feeling doing laundry that i have had in some other houses where i built wonderful laundry rooms-- but i do still love the process.  i love my laundry machines-- i love how neatly they are tucked behind the door (an idea arrived at by me and my friend deo, my carpenter/ partner-in-crime for these projects); i love the clean laundry basket, nearly a hundred years old, that i found 15 years ago while antique-ing with my mom; and i love my laundry detergent-- made in canada by these lovely ladies, and sold by me at the shop.   it is these little things that make this daily chore enjoyable and pleasant.

and really?  when you have to do it anyway-- you might as well make it fun.


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