as a shopkeeper i talk with people all day long.  we chat about children, relationships, houses, furniture, throw pillows-- whatever happens to be on their minds.  the truth is, however, that i am at work-- so i rarely talk about what is really on my mind.  it is not that i am secretive-- i talk about my life quite openly with customers and clients-- but i rarely mention what is really going on with me in the moment because-- well, i am at work.

and i don't need to talk, much, about particular sales, or individual clients-- but what i need to work through and to get out so others can take a look at it is my vision for the shop, for the future, for what is next.  my vision for my life, my understanding of where i am now, and of where i would like to be.  the big picture of what i am doing in the world.

yesterday a friend graciously agreed to come along with me on a rain-filled road-trip to see a vendor of mine a couple of hours from here.   the hours in the car allowed us both time to talk-- really talk-- about our lives-- and what is working and what isn't.  i came back after almost 5 hours in the car driving in pouring-down rain (not to mention the hour in the warehouse with my vendor talking over prices and availability and such questions)-- and when i should have been exhausted, i was refreshed and distinctly lightened by the day.

i am so grateful for my friends--


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