i know that this photo is seasonally out of sync...

houses used to be built with much more attention to detail.  today, in north america, we often trade detail for size-- we want more space and therefore we cut corners when it comes to the details.

i think the details matter.  the parts of a house that we touch, that ours eyes rest on, that we notice because they stand out-- those are the parts that make us really fall in love with a place.  the details signal the style of the house-- we used different kinds of lighting for a farmhouse than for a contemporary, for example.  and the details tell us a lot about the people who built a house, or who live in it now.

this porch was very well loved-- added nearly 80 years after the house was built, and then re-built another 90 years later-- it has been cared for and tended to and enjoyed by generations of people owning this house.  it is a lovely place to sit for an afternoon-- and it looks pretty nice from inside the house as well.

good details.


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