children growing up

these days my children and i are pretty busy.  we get up in the morning, make and eat breakfast, get ourselves ready for the day-- and then we are off-- running from one thing to the next for many,  many hours.  when we get home again in the evening we are happy but tired, and we do the bare minimum on our chores so that we can get our homework done, and fall into bed in order to get enough sleep to do it again the next day.

there was a time when i was home most of the time-- when my children were little and my time was more free-form and open.  we played, we cooked, we ate, and we cleaned-- folding laundry was just one of our many daily games, right along with building new wooden tracks in and around the coffee table for our little trains, and going for walks in the woods with our dogs, singing camp songs along the way.

those days had their trials-- toddlers who refused to nap, but were terribly grumpy as a result (as was i!), the lack of time or space for myself, the constant attentiveness necessary to keep my children from putting their fingers into light sockets, or fall from whatever height they had climbed to-- those were exhausting, difficult days for sure.

but despite that,  as my children become little grown-ups, and i spend long afternoons sitting outside of the ballet studio and checking in with the math tutor-- and though i am incredibly, deeply proud of who my children are and who they are becoming and i wouldn't trade NOW for anything in the world--

i am certainly, at times,  nostalgic for those early days.


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