weekend trunk shows!

there is a shop in philadelphia that i love-- three potato four-- that sells salvaged and refurbished wonderful things.  every month they have a barn sale-- a weekend-long celebration of their things, with a discount!

i have been thinking on this barn sale idea for several weeks.  i just like it.

so-- building on their 'barn sale' and our 'trunk shows':  our new WEEKEND TRUNK SHOWS!  every month i will spend a bunch of time gathering items around a theme-- 'salvaged goods', 'india', 'painted furniture', and 'suitcases and trunks' have been suggested so far.  then, the last weekend of every month, we will have a special trunk show of these items-- some of which will be new, some vintage-- but all will make their debut that weekend in our shop.  and AT A SPECIAL DEBUT PRICE!

the first WEEKEND TRUNK SHOW will be may 28-30 (three days because of memorial day!),  from 10-6 each day.  and the theme?  INDIA!  furniture, fabric, hand painted things, metal things, wood things, ceramic things-- all new to the shop for that weekend and at a special DEBUT price.

there will also be treats, of course.  lemonade and indian snacks-- i am all about the food!

come check it out!

-mary moore.


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