summer decorating

when i was growing up my grandmother, who could sew anything, would change her living room every summer by putting white slipcovers over everything.  it was beautiful. and practical-- way easier to wash  slipcovers than to clean upholstery (and in the summer there is more need for washing people's outdoor dirt, body oils, etc. from our furnishings than in the winter!).  i do not sew as well as my grandmother did (and my sofa came with a slipcover), so my living room does not go through as big a transformation this time of year-- but i still lighten everything up for summer.

summer decorating is about making spaces feel light, airy, and open-- AND it is about a seasonal rotation of our things: cleaning, organizing, and intentionally noticing what is working and what isn't.  most years i add something new to the mix-- a new fabric on the porch furniture, a new lantern outside the back door-- but mostly i just freshen what i already have. 

last night my daughters and i packed away our big winter comforters and heavy blankets, and got out our cotton quilts.  we also pack away all our winter clothing-- it is nice to have emptier closets when it is really hot-- clothing has more room to breathe, life feels lighter and easier, and space feels nice.  even our mudroom takes on the guise of a garden room in summer-- straw hats and baskets take center stage and all mittens are banished to bins in the closet-- out of sight, out of mind.  and on our porch?  a good cleaning,  new candles for the tables, and new pillow covers for the wicker chairs. and all the houseplants move to the porch for the summer-- a great way to lighten up the living room AND put the plants out where i can give them a good summer bath.

summer decorating is one more way of honoring our lives and our homes.

stop by this weekend at the shop for our WEEKEND TRUNK SHOW-- summer decorating-- where you will find a collection of one-of-a kind and new items, all with the theme of summer, and all at a special price.   saturday, sunday, monday, may 28-30.

so fun!

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