simple living

i have been reading 'the heart of simple living' by wanda urbanska. in it she advocates living in a way that allows us more freedom, more time-- debt-free, fewer possessions-- more meaning.

of course i like it.

she has a seven point program for living more simply:

"1) live frugally; save money; retire debt as fast as you can.

2) find work that sparks your flame and colleagues whom you respect and enjoy.

3) rethink the american way of housing, and focus your direction on small, green, and paid-for.

4) personalize and simplify your decorating choices; adopt non-toxic cleaning strategies to save money and create a healthful home environment; green your clothing, wardrobe, and laundry.

5) cook healthful food at home and in bulk. rediscover your kitchen, source your food with an emphasis on local fare, and establish the ritual of regular, sit-down, family meals.

6) plant a new victory garden with fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables, and allow its growth to spur your own. grow flowers for your body and soul.

7) infuse your rituals and celebrations-- daily, annual and life-passage--with meaning not money. Plan in advance and be original! Engage in community life as one primary ritual."

not exactly our own manifesto, here at the claw foot tub, but pretty damned close!

this photo of the old shop, taken by my friend aiko in the evening, warms my heart.

- mary moore.

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