rugs on the wall

last night i was unable to sleep and i moved, at some point, to the couch in the living room. this morning i woke and was aware, in my sleepiness, that i was surrounded by rugs-- all of them on the walls.

it sounds, i know, like an odd dream.

but it is true: i have moroccan rugs (from my wonderful friend yasmina) on the wall going up the stairs; an afghan rug (that i bought for myself when i got divorced) hanging on the wall in the living room; and a hopi rug (which had been my mothers) hanging over the back of the sofa.

the floor? bare-- but beautiful-- oak.

i have been hanging rugs on the walls in my houses (and those of my clients) for a good fifteen years. this design style originated in my getting my first dog-- a 165 lb, fluff-ball of a leonberger. big fluffy dogs do not go well with rugs-- big dogs need space, shed a LOT, try to 'fluff' rugs with their hugs paws (sometimes resulting in serious damage to the rug), and--unfortunately-- sometimes big dogs vomit, etc., in the house-- and generally, on the rug.

with the advent of my first dog, i quickly gave up trying to have rugs on the floor. but i LOVE rugs-- so they go on the walls. they are, after all, wonderful art!

personal style based in personal need.

i like it.

-mary moore.

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