it is official-- kate, my wonderful business partner of the last couple of years, is going to be leaving to go on to other things. this has been a hard decision, for both of us, but the right one. she has other things she wants to be doing, and i, after a couple of years of really feeling like i needed help, am ready to be on my own again.

though there is sadness in this, it is also a time of celebration and re-birth-- a time to reflect on all the good things that have happened in the last couple of years, and a time to look forward and imagine the new possibilities.

kate and i became friends when she worked at the bakery next door to my shop. then she started working for me, and we have, over the years, developed into the very best of friends. the solidifying moment in our friendship was probably when we drove to mississippi and back in a weekend to buy pottery: 3 nights, 50 hours in the car, 12 hours sleeping, and 12 hours awake but not in the car-- there are very few people with whom i could do that! we laughed, told each other the crazy stories of our lives, and talked about the serious, hard stuff that we all face in life but rarely talk about.

today we still laugh a lot, share our crazy stories, and we both work really hard to make the shop what it is right now. kate is 'good people'. she cares deeply about her friends and family, will go the extra mile every time, and she is creative, talented, and a good business woman. i will miss her in the shop, but i will be always grateful that she is my friend.

we will be having a 'bon voyage' party sometime this month (date to be announced)-- and you are all invited!

this is a photo that looks into my first design office-- i love the colors and the light-- and, to me, it is kind of like my looking forward to the next phase of my business!

to be continued...

-mary moore.

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