my own boss

people ask me all the time if it is hard to be my own boss-- if i get days off, if i am overwhelmed by the task of running a business, if it is hard not to have a paycheck that someone else is responsible for.

well, sure.  all of those can be hard at times-- the amount of work, the amount of things i have to keep track of, and yes, juggling the money can, at times, be hard.  but, for me, the hard parts are far outweighed by the benefits of doing what i do.

over the years of running a shop i have learned an enormous amount about who i am and what i need to be happy and at peace with my working life.  i have learned that i need to wake up early to take care of e-mails and write this blog-- and to just get my life together before i am out in the public world. i have learned that i need time alone in the shop to putter and do paper-work, to re-arrange things and plan new projects-- time alone in the shop is vital to my creative process.  i have also learned that there are some tasks i need help with-- days will go by between my remembering to check the phone messages, for example-- and that there are wonderful people willing to help me as i need the help.

most importantly i have learned to trust my own vision for my business and my life.  i have learned that i can, in fact, create a life that suits me-- a life in which i get to 'play to my strengths'-- to create beautiful, inviting spaces; to create community; to play host to customers and friends alike-- and to balance the numbers, the money-- the 'business' parts--so that it all hangs together.

i wish everyone were so lucky.

- mary moore.


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