more about chairs

i found a new (to me) pair of chairs this week that i love. actually, i found two pairs. they are both currently at the shop.

i have a problem with chairs.

the thing is-- i have a tiny house (just under 1000 square feet)-- and it is currently in a very particular style. if i had to put a name on it, i might call it 'modern cottage'-- i have some inherited furniture, some new furniture that i have had made for the space, and some older furniture that i have carried with me from one house to the next for years. it is, like my shop, a place where there are lots of beautiful things to look at (at least to me!). it is also a place where there is very little extra-- everything is kept to a very narrow color palette, and anything extraneous finds another home fairly quickly. i, personally, cannot stand clutter.

but back to the chairs. one of the pairs would fit the current style of my house. they could, in fact, transform my dining room. the other pair-- would not fit my current house-style AT ALL. so, what do i do? i spent all day yesterday dreaming of re-designing my house to fit this new set of chairs--

yeah, i have a problem. is there a 12-step program for chair-addicts?


Funhouse Design said...

CBA (Chair Buyers Anonymous)
Wanna buy a Corbusier?

shopgirl said...

ha! well... maybe...

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