milk paint

this afternoon, at 'afternoon tea', we are going to be having a discussion and demonstration of milk paint.

milk paint is some of the coolest stuff. it has been around, in one form or another, for 6,000 years (that we know of! could be longer! think--cave paintings-- that's milk paint). the pigments are all-natural, earth-based pigments. the same things that color everything outside. so the colors are natural, beautiful, and, like everything outside-- they all look good together! the pigment in milk paint is carried in the milk protein, 'casein', and the paint can be used on furniture, decks, floors, and walls. the company we are using, 'the real milk paint company', uses 100% organic ingredients-- so there is absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of safety for us, or for the planet. in fact, as it cures the lime in milk paint actually absorbs carbon-dioxide from the air-- helping with our ozone problem!

milk paint used to have the reputation for being old-fashioned. and, it is. but when something is user-friendly, eco-friendly, AND can be tinted in any color you want?

that's perfect.

-mary moore.

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