designing a room

i recently had a wonderful conversation with my friend bettina archer about designing a room. bettina is an incredible designer (and she is going to start doing some work with me!), and we were talking about the specifics of how we work-- the logistics of doing design, if you will.

design takes time. ideas-- creative ideas-- occur over time. we can walk into a room and imagine, sometimes, a better way to arrange the furniture to create more coziness, a better traffic flow, etc.-- but more often we need time to come up with the new plan. to visualize a whole room can take weeks-- time to visit the fabric store, time to be inspired by our favorite furniture shops. and even the installation of new things-- getting a room right, including the furniture placement, the color, the placement of art on the walls, the layering of furniture and the things that go on it-- all takes time. sometimes weeks can go by when we are looking for the right thing to go in a particular corner-- or waiting for inspiration about what to do with grandmother's secretary.

so-- take it from a professional-- give yourself time. don't imagine that you can get a room right in any immediate sense. trial and error, play, and a sense of spaciousness (in terms of time) are all important elements. have fun with it and enjoy the process of discovery.

i do.

-mary moore.

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