contemplating my iron

yesterday i caught up on a few things around the house, including an enormous pile of ironing.

as i have written before-- i tend to really enjoy ironing.  i feel like it is balancing, grounding-- pleasant contemplative time-- AND ironing is a way of honoring the objects i live with (and use).  plus-- when the ironing pile gets as big as it was yesterday, making my way through it means doubling my wardrobe.

a note, then, on irons:

there are times in our material world that we can get away with spending a LOT less money for the same object and still buy something of equal quality or value.  a used sofa, for example, can be just as good (or much better) than a new one, for much less money.  however-- when buying an iron, it is my belief that you get what you pay for.  i have two irons from the same, very good manufacturer.  one of them cost about 1/2 what the other cost-- and boy, does it show.  ironing with a good iron is quicker, easier, and way more fun.

the cost of a good iron is about $150 and it will last you about 30 years-- well worth it.

-mary moore.

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