concrete counters

recently i have been working with the guys over at 'stone soup concrete'.  mike and mike (and kelly, too!) are artists, crafts-people, and really good at making beautiful things.

concrete counters are amazing-- they are made from stone, ground down into sand, reformed with all kinds of other things (just about anything you want can be in a concrete counter-- bigs of metal, found objects, glass, sparkly stuff)  they can be just about any color, shape, and can have any extras in them that you want-- a built-in sink, drain board, places to put things...   concrete is sustainable, eco-friendly, made to last a very, very long time, and it is so beautiful.  i walk into their showroom and start touching everything-- the colors are delicious, the shapes, the feel-- some things more shiny, some more matte-- all of it meant for touching and experiencing.

today we are having a presentation on concrete counters at the shop during 'afternoon tea'.

come by from 4-5.30 and check it out!


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